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Teledol / Teledol SL

Coated Tablets 10 mg: Packages containing 20 coated tablets. Coated Tablets 20 mg: Packages containing 10 and 20 coated tablets.  Sublingual Tablets: Packages containing 10 sublingual tablets.  Injection 30 and 60 mg: Packages containing 3 ampoules.

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Containers with 28 coated tablets.

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Carrier 20

CARRIER - containers of 30 and 60 grooved coated tablets. CARRIER 20 - containers of 30 grooved coated tablets.

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Rostrum XR 50 - 200 - 300

Containers with 30 long-acting coated tablets.

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Product Line:

Internal Medicine Geriatrics Neurology and Psychiatry

Patient Product Information

Each coated tablet contains: Glutamine 150.00 mg; Phosphotreonine 40.00 mg; L-Triptophane 100.00 mg; Phosphoserine 120.00 mg; Arginine hydrochloride 300.00 mg; Cyanocobalamine 1.00 mg; Excipients  q.s.

Therapeutical action:
General Reconstituent.
Aminoacids integrating Polper Bl2 Forte formula participate in the intermediate metabolism; they are precursors of neurotransmissors (serotonin, glutamic acid, GABA, acethylcholine) and metabolically active molecules.
Vitamin Bl2 is a co-factor which is indispensable in the Nervous and Hematopoietic System. It participates in the synthesis of nucleic acid proteins, myelin and in transmethylation reactions. Its sub-clinical lack has been described as relatively frequent in elderly patients, as well as a specific demential syndrome due to a deficit of this vitamin

Psychical and physical asthenia. Decreased intellectual capacity and memory. Post-surgical and post-infectious convalescence. Psychical and physical Overactivity. Depressive syndrome.

Dosage and Administration:
1 coated tablet a day.
At least 15 day-continued treatments are recommended.
Due to the absence of side effects of this treatment, it may be continued during the time considered necessary by the physician.

Hypersensitivity to some of the formula excipient.


Packages containing 10 and 30 coated tablet.