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Sodium divalproate 269,10 mg; Excipients  q.s; Sodium divalproate 538,20 mg; Excipients  q.s


Composition: VALCAS 250 - Each coated tablet contains: sodium divalproate (equivalent to 250 mg of valproic acid) 269.10 mg. Excipients q.s. VALCAS 500 - Each coated tablet contains: sodium divalproate (equivalent to 500 mg of valproic acid) 538.20 mg. Excipients: q.s.

Therapeutic action: anticonvulsant. Treatment of bipolar disorder. Migraine prophylaxis.

Indications: Epilepsy: VALCAS is indicated as a monotherapy and in combination for patients with partial and complex crisis that occur in isolation or associated with other type of crisis.

VALCAS is also indicated as a monotherapy or in combination in the treatment of patients with simple and complex absence crisis, and as an adjuvant in patients with multiple crisis that include absence.

Mania: VALCAS is indicated for the treatment of maniac episodes associated with bipolar disorder.

Migraine: VALCAS is indicated for the prophylaxis of migraines. 

Valproic acid may be harmful for the fetus; therefore, the use of VALCAS should be considered in women of childbearing potential only after a thorough discussion about this risk with the patient and after assessing its use against the potential drug benefits.

Dosage: Epilepsy: initially, 10-15 mg/kg/day. Up to 60 mg/kg/day. Mania: initially, 750 mg/day (split dose). Maximum recommended dose: 60 mg/kg/day. Migraine: initially, 500 mg/day (divided in two doses). Up to 1 g/day.

Contraindications: liver disease or significant hepatic impairments, patients with known urea cycle disorders, hypersensitivity to the drug or to any of the Medicinal Specialty components.

Hoy supplied: packages containing 50 coated tablets.