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Dolo Movum

Containers with 30 packs. Powder.

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Blokium Spray

Containers with 150 g / 125 ml.

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Blokium Protect

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAIDs), analgesic and antipyretic. Gastric acid secretion inhibitor. Packages containing 30 capsules.

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Blokium B12

Coated tablet: containers having 15 coated tablets.
Injection IM: containers of 3 and 5 vials + 3 and 5 ampoules with solvent.

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Product Line:

Anti-inflammatory and Pain Line

Patient Product Information

Coated tablets: Each coated tablet contains: sodium diclofenac 50 mg; Mesylate pridinol 4.00 mg; Excipients  q.s; Each ampoule with diluent contains: sodium diclofenac 75.0 mg; Excipients  q.s; Each vial with lyophilized contains: mesylate pridinol 2.20 mg; Excipients  q.s

Therapeutical Action:
analgesic. antiinflammatory.  Muscle relaxant.

BLOKIUM FLEX  is indicated in painful inflammatory processes with muscular contracture.  Articular and extra-articular reumatic processes.  Myalgias.  Lumbar pains.  Ciatalgias.  Torticollis. Traumas. Sprains.

Posology – Dosage and Administration:
BLOKIUM FLEX – Coated tablets: one tablet once a day, preferably after meals. It may be adjusted according to physician’s criterion.
BLOKIUM  FLEX  for injection:   an intramuscular vial twice a day.  Introduce the ampoule content in the vial and shake softly.
Use before one hour of being prepared.

history of allergy to any of the product components. Active gastrointestinal ulcer.  Severe liver and/ or renal failure.  Patients with history of asthma, rhinitis or urticaria triggered by acetylsalicylic acid or other non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Pregnancy and nursing.

BLOKIUM FLEX – coated tablets: containers having l5 and 30 coated tablets.
BLOKIUM FLEX –IM injection: containers having 3 ampoules with diluent and 3 vials with lyophilized.
BLOKIUM FLEX –IM injection: containers having 6 ampoules with diluent y 6 vials with lyophilized.